Low maintenance water filters

Having access to quality filtered water is no doubt something that all us would enjoy, but if the benefits come only at the cost of intensive maintenance of the system that delivers it to us, it’s understandable if people choose the convenience of bottled water instead. Luckily, water filter manufacturers are nimble on their feet and have designed filters that rank high on usability and low-maintenance.


Here are the water filters you should consider for your home if you don’t want to spend too much time on maintaining and servicing your system, but you still want to enjoy all the benefits of quality filtered water:

No-installation countertop water filters

Countertop water filters have the advantage of requiring zero installation – simply attach the filter tubing to the end of your tap and enjoy filtered water on-demand. As simple as they are to install – without any plumbing work – they are just as simple to maintain. Simply replace the filter cartridge at the end of its service life and continue to enjoy filtered tap water. While countertop water filters are generally viewed as a low-cost alternative to under-sink water filters, even pocket-friendly filters like the H2O PCT Counter-Top Water Purifier or the PurePro CT3000 can handle the filtration of a wide range of contaminants.

Another type of countertop filters that don’t compromise on their contaminant removal efficiency are gravity water filters that are designed to filter in water sourced from lakes or rivers. These models don’t need to be connected to your tap, simply pour water into the upper container and as an effect of gravity, water passes through the ceramic filter elements, it gets filtered and ends up in the lower container, where it’s ready for consumption.

Water filters relying on the quick-change filter replacement technology

Another category of low-maintenance filter systems is under-sink water filters that are equipped with quick-change filter cartridges. These cartridges can be replaced through a twist-off twist-on mechanism that ensures quick, safe and hygienic filter replacement in a matter of minutes. Representative examples of filters employing the quick-change filter cartridge technology are PurePro’s RS filter series, Watts’s KWIK change reverse osmosis systems and BMB’s range of quick change reverse osmosis filters. Apart from swift filter replacement and low-maintenance, water filters that use quick-change filter cartridges are also more compact since they don’t require separate filter housings. Thus, you can save time on filter maintenance and enjoy the benefits of space-saving water filter systems.

Which filter is best for you?

If you want filtered water flowing directly from your tap, gravity water filters are not your best choice, instead you could opt for a countertop filter installable on your kitchen tap or an under-sink water filter that can be used with 3-way kitchen taps allowing you to have regular hot and cold water along with cold filtered water.