When it comes to kitchen taps, there are a wide range of amazing products you can choose from. Starting from the traditional single-dispensing water filter taps through novel 3-flow taps, manufacturers have a lot to offer. 

Thanks to their reliability and all the high-quality water filtering products they put on the market, the Osmio brand does not need an introduction. So in case you are looking for a professional 3-flow kitchen tap, we can totally recommend doing some research on filter taps by Osmio. You won’t be disappointed.

3-flow kitchen taps are an innovative approach to traditional water filter taps and they can do a great job removing harmful contaminants from your drinking water.

In this article we are going to take a closer look at 3-way kitchen taps and some great options offered by Osmio.

What is a 3-flow kitchen tap?

Tri-flow kitchen taps are basically tap filters that allow you to draw freshly filtered water straight from your kitchen tap. 

But to fully understand the method a tri-flow kitchen tap works by, first you will need to understand first how standard water filter taps work. Previously used tap filters were installed in addition to your regular tap which means that you needed to drill another hole in your kitchen sink. This means that the filter tap installed would serve only filtered water. 

Unlike standard single-dispenser filter taps, 3-way taps can do all the work, so you won’t need your regular tap anymore once you get the new one installed.

A tri-flow kitchen filter tap uses a single tap system and provides you both unfiltered and filtered water. It basically combines two different tap types: a regular tap and a standard filter tap in one single tap system.Regarding the handles, many of these filters feature two separate handles (one for mixed water and another one for filtered water) or they come with three different handles (a separate handle for each type of water).

Why do you need a 3-flow kitchen tap?

There are some good reasons why you should consider buying a 3-way kitchen tap. But in order to give your a clearer picture on the advantages of these kitchen tap types, here are the top 5 benefits of tri-flow kitchen taps:

  1. Thanks to the quality design and the specific filtering method 3-way kitchen taps are based on, they can provide you safe-to-consume freshly filtered drinking water straight out of the tap.
  2. Since the water flows from your kitchen tap, you won’t have to deal with handling complicated water filter systems or figuring out where to place them in your home. 
  3. Fresh drinking water is always accessible, all you need to do is open the tap and let is fill glass. 
  4. Compared to regular filter taps, tri-flow kitchen taps don’t require drilling another hole in your kitchen sink, so you won’t have to ruin the aspect of your thoughtfully styled kitchen in order to get one installed in your household.
  5. These beautiful 3 in 1 kitchen taps are not just stylish additions to your home, but they won’t cause you any headache when it comes to getting them ready to function either. Many of these products feature easy-installation, so you won’t need to pay expensive fees for a plumber. 

3-flow kitchen taps offered by Osmio

As we have mentioned before, this article is going to include some great purchase options for those who are researching 3-way kitchen taps. Now, let’s see 4 stunning and high-quality tri-flow kitchen taps manufactured by Osmio. All of them are based on the same filtering method, still, there are slight differences you will learn about.

Osmio Bella Chrome 3-Way (Tri-flow) Kitchen Tap


Based on a solid construction, the Osmio Bella Chrome 3-way kitchen tap features a perfect finish and looks stunning with any dark coloured sink. 

 The elegant look comes with easy functioning that makes this filter tap a great addition to any modern kitchen. The tap provides hot, cold and purified water. The filtered water is delivered by an independent line in order to avoid mixing with unfiltered water.

You can use this tap with or without a filter, so in case you only want a tri-flow kitchen tap installed alongside your softener without a filter, you can do it. However, for the best quality drinking water, we recommend using a water filter as well. 

Feel free to browse our webshop for professional water filters that can be added to this type of 3-way kitchen tap. Click on the link to learn more about the Osmio Bella Chrome tri-flow kitchen tap and to find out more about the accessories that can be purchased with it.

Osmio Forum Chrome 3-Way (Tri-flow) Kitchen Tap


The Puricom Forum Chrome 3-way kitchen tap is another great option you can choose if you are looking for a high-quality and stylish addition to your kitchen. Replace your old kitchen tap with this interesting combination of traditional style and modern look filter tap. 

A great feature of this kitchen tap is its versatility: it can be used with any undersink filter system and it is very easy to install. The tap system uses high flow valves, so it may not be suitable for some low pressure gravity fed system, but if you happen to have a combi-boiler or a mega-flow high pressure hot water system, this kitchen tap can be a great choice.

The Puricom Forum Chrome features a ceramic lever turn valve. This helps the system to optimize water pressure and temperature. It is suitable for use with a water softener and it also includes 3 flexible hoses for easy connection to hot, cold and hard/filtered water.

This tri-flow kitchen tap supplies softened hot and cold water or freshly filtered water if you purchase it with the suitable water kit. Fortunately, you have a broad range of options when it comes to adding a professional water filter to your kitchen tap. 

Click this link to find out more about the viable filter kits available in our webshop that goes well with your Puricom Forum Chrome 3-way kitchen tap. 

Osmio Vitalia Chrome 3-Way (Tri-flow) Kitchen Tap


Another stunning 3-way kitchen tap by Osmio is the Vitalia Chrome model. Similar to the previously mentioned Bella Chrome, the thoughtful design allows this kitchen tap to be a fantastic addition to any black or dark toned sink.

The quality speaks for itself, the tap features a solid construction and high-quality design. Having this kitchen tap installed in your household, will not only improve the experience of consuming freshly filtered tap water, but it will save space and give your kitchen a modern 21st century look. 

The Osmio Vitalia Chrome supplies hot, cold and filtered water, using one independent line to deliver filtered water. 

To learn more about the accessories you can purchase with your Vitalia Chrome by Osmio, check out the product’s page in our webshop.

Osmio Sofia Long Reach 3 Way Triflow Kitchen Tap


Last, but not least, the Osmio Sofia Long Reach 3-way Triflow kitchen tap connects hot, cold and filtered water into one modern solution. Thanks to the long reach feature, this tap enables easy reach. 

The tap has a separate spout for dispensing filtered water, in order to avoid mixing the purified water with unfiltered cold or hot water.

This stylish tri-flow kitchen tap is suitable with any point-of-use drinking water filter you can find in our webshop, so feel free to research them and find the best suitable for your needs!


As you could see, there are a lot of great 3-way kitchen tap options that can help to improve the quality of your water you drink day by day.

For more information go to our webshop page and read more about the enlisted products and the accessory kits they can be purchased with!