Better tasting tea or coffee? Cleaner water in your shower? Safer household water from every tap? Yes, it is all possible with whole house water filters. These filtration systems have all your water filtration needs covered with the assistance of one single system that filters all the water that enters your home before it is directed to your water outlets. This is the reason is why they are often referred to as point-of-entry water filters (POE). Whole house water filtration systems have many benefits both from a cost-efficiency and convenience standpoint.

advantages of whole house filtration system

To better understand the advantages of a whole house filter system, let’s delve into the details:

Filtered water from every water outlet

With a whole house water filter, you can get the same high-quality filtered water whether you turn on your kitchen tap, run some bath water or turn on the shower.  No more worrying about water safety issues or installing a filter for each tap in your home. A whole house filter will supply you with contaminant-free water at every tap, at any time of day.


In the absence of a whole house filtration system, you would need a separate filter for your kitchen tap, another filter for your bathroom tap, and a filter for your showerhead. The overall costs could thus become higher than simply installing a POE filter. This will not only reduce costs, but it will also save you from the trouble of having to remember replacing three different filter cartridges at the required intervals. With a whole house water filtration system, you only have to pay attention to a single system that is both more economical and convenient.

Multi-stage filtration system

Whole house filters usually employ a multi-stage filtration system to produce water of pristine quality. As water passes through different filter media, it gets cleaner and safer. Whether you want to filter out chlorine or you’re dealing with lime-scale deposits caused by hard water, you can rely on these water filters to solve these problems and more! These systems are more complex and have a higher filtered water output capacity than their countertop or undersink counterparts.

Our recommendations?

On you’ll find plenty of whole house filters – filters designed for smaller homes or apartments like the Ecopure Small Whole House Filter System or filters created for large homes, where a higher water output is needed. One such system that can perform well in a large household is the Ecopure PRO-II Whole House Water Filter System, which contains 3 filters that each deal with the removal of a wide range of water contaminants.


If you need tips on which system to choose for your home or if you want to get expert advice on how to choose a whole house water filter, get in touch with us!