Under-sink water filters are the most convenient way to get filtered water on tap. These types of water filters are essentially a two-part system – the water filter kit and the filter tap. Apart from inline filters, under-sink water filters require a special tap to dispense filtered water. These taps can be single-dispensing taps or 3-way taps with hot, cold and filtered water dispensed by the same tap.


The Ares Inox Brushed Chrome 3-Way Tap Ultra-Pure Filter Kit includes a high-quality 3-way tap and a Spectrum 10 inch carbon block filter for taste and odour improvement. The filter housing can be used with other cartridges should you require a more in-depth filtration or should you need to target other contaminants as well.

Ares 3-way tap

This 3-way tap is categorised as a no-metal tap, meaning that is has no lead content or brass components that contain trace amounts of lead that could leach into the water. Instead, the tap contains an internal channel of non-leaching polypropylene that delivers purified water. The two handles on the tap makes it possible to mix hot and cold water with the help of the right-hand mixer tap, and dispense filtered water from the left handle tap.

The tap can be used with a water softener system instead of the under-sink water filter, and comes with a 3-year warranty. The 3-way kitchen tap can be used with other filter systems as well, and you’re not restricted to using it with the Ultra-Pure filter. Should you want to upgrade to a multi-stage under-sink filter or a point-of-use reverse osmosis filter, you can do so without problems.

Ultra-Pure Filter Kit

The 5-micron carbon block filter contains 100% coconut shell carbon for superior filtered water. The filter cartridge removes sediments, chemical disinfectants and other taste-altering contaminants. The filter will last up to 6 months. To save money on filter replacements, you can purchase the Dual Pack version of this filter cartridge that contains two carbon block filters. Since the filter housing is a standard 2.5″ x 10″ filter housing, it means that you can use any 2.5″ x 10″ filter cartridge if you need a more advanced filter or you need to target other contaminants in your tap water. The outer polypropylene wrap prevents premature clogging, essentially extending the filter’s service life.

The Ares tap is a beautifully designed triflow tap meant to make it easier for you to enjoy filtered water straight from your tap. You don’t need to install a separate filter tap or drill a hole in your kitchen sink. If you’re looking to get sediment-free and chlorine-free tap water, you can rely on the filter kit that comes with this tap.


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