Although traditional double-handle taps with hot water on the one side and cold water on the other side are still predominant in public washrooms and even in newer houses, they generally fall behind mixer taps in terms of convenience and economy. 3-way kitchen mixer taps combine the elegance and ease of use of mixer taps, and come with the added benefit of dispensing filtered water as well.

3 way kitchen tap mixer

Which are the most notable advantages of 3-way kitchen mixer taps compared to classic double-handle taps?

  1. Better water temperature control

Mixer taps allow you to set the perfect temperature by operating a single tap. This saves time and most importantly, prevents you from wasting water trying to get the right temperature.

  1. Filtered water on demand

Another advantage of 3-way kitchen taps is that they also allow you to draw filtered water from the same tap that dispenses hot, cold and mixed water. With a 3-way tap, you won’t need to install another tap for filtered water dispensing. Filtered water is usually delivered through a separate internal line to avoid any mixing with unfiltered water and eliminate the risk of recontamination. 3-way taps also have a separate handle for filtered water only. This handle is usually marked either with the manufacturer’s logo or has something distinctive that makes it easy to identify (e.g. it’s smaller than the mixer handle).

  1. Better user experience

Mixer taps are easier to operate, are faster in delivering the required water temperature, and teaching children to use a mixer tap is generally easier. Overall, mixer taps provide a better user experience than double-handle taps, which would also require you to install a separate filtered water faucet.

  1. Design variety

3-way mixer taps come in a variety of designs, finish and colours. Even if you prefer more traditional looking taps, there are mixer taps with a more vintage or classical design to match your kitchen’s atmosphere and style.

  1. Better economy

Because setting the right temperature is much easier and faster with mixer taps, you won’t waste water, which will help you save on water bills. Reducing water waste is also better for the environment.

 Not all 3-way kitchen taps have mixer handles, some models like the Kensington Chrome 3-way (Triflow) Kitchen Tap have separate handles for hot, cold and filtered water. Some users prefer this tap design simply because they have gotten used to it or they enjoy the traditional look of these taps. At the end of the day, kitchen taps are a matter of personal taste and preference, however, 3-way taps, whether with mixer handles or regular ones, are the ultimate way to have it all in a single tap – hot, cold, and filtered water.


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