Whether in brushed chrome or brushed brass, Brita’s line of water filter faucets is one of the most stylish options in the industry. Brita brushed taps are a match for any kitchen including modern or vintage-style kitchens.

Available in a multitude of designs and finish options, Brita 3-way taps also offer great functionality to anyone looking to have a single faucet for filtered and unfiltered water, especially if your kitchen sink makes it impossible to accommodate a classic filter faucet.

Because Brita taps have taken by storm the triflow tap industry, we’re going to delve into the details of what makes these taps stand out compared to other 3-way taps, and what are some of the shortcomings that you should know about.

Brita Company Overview

Inspired by his daughter’s name, Heinz Hankammer established the company in 1966. What started out as an idea to optimize tap water for car batteries, soon developed into a business dedicated to cleaning up tap water for home use.

The first filter jug, named Haushaltswasserfilter I (household water filter I) was launched in 1970. Years of innovation and search for more proficient ways to purify tap water has propelled this German company to the heights of success in water filtration.

Today, Brita looks back on a history of over 50 years and manufactures a wide range of water filtration products including filter jugs, water filter bottles, kitchen taps, kettle and tap attachments, and disposable filters.

Brita’s filter jugs and kitchen taps are by far their most popular products that are distributed in 66 countries around the world.

Advantages of Brita Brushed Taps

Beyond their elegance and many design options, Brita’s brushed chrome or brass taps have the following other advantages:

  • German quality: Made to German standards, Brita taps are not only beautiful, but also very practical;
  • Integrated filter cartridge: All Brita taps are dispatched with an filter cartridge that is installed under sink. This filter removes chlorine, sediments, has limescale inhibiting properties, and improves the taste and smell of tap water;
  • Matte Finish: As opposed to the shiny chrome finish or brass finish taps, brushed taps have a matte look that easily hides any scratches and imperfections that may appear with prolonged use;
  • Filter cartridge replacement alert: Some models have a sound or LED alert system that lets you know when to replace the filter (depending on the water hardness setting on the filter, you’ll be reminded to replace the filter after 90 or 180 days of use);
  • Separate water delivery & levers: Brita taps dispense unfiltered hot and cold water along with filtered water. There are separate tap handles for dispensing the different types of water. Also, inside the tap system water is delivered through separate channels to avoid the mixing of unfiltered water with filtered water;
  • Free delivery: All our Brita taps come with  delivery included for free.

Brita taps are moderately priced, but unlike other 3-way taps, all Brita filter taps come with a filter system which accounts for its slightly higher price range than generic filter tap alternatives.

Since Brita taps come included with a filter cartridge, you usually don’t need an additional filter, unless your tap water has contamination issues not addressed by the filter included with your Brita tap.

If you want to use a different filter with your Brita tap, you may encounter compatibility issues, which means that you may need adapters to make the undersink filter system fit your Brita tap. The best course of action is to ask your vendor if the system of your choice is compatible with your Brita tap.

Other than this compatibility issue, Brita taps don’t pose any issues. They’re easy to install, clean, and operate, and they’re known for their durability.

3-Way Kitchen Tap Style Guide

In many of our previous articles, we’ve discussed at length about the functionality, practicality, and advantages and disadvantages of various water filter taps. We’ve analysed the merits of metal-free taps, we’ve compared 3-way taps with classic single-dispensing filter faucets, but we haven’t discussed much about style and finish options.

Of course, a tap is a tap, and it should do its job well regardless of design or finish. However, a tap can also be an important accessory that perfectly complements the design of your kitchen.

If you’ve taken it upon yourself to add a little style to your kitchen, read our water filter tap style guide to get up to speed with the most en vogue water filter faucets.

Tap Design

Swan Neck = Timeless Elegance

If you’re looking for a filter tap for an elegant kitchen, you can never go wrong with a swan neck tap. Whether it’s a 3-way tap or a classic filter tap, swan neck options are available in both categories.

Our favourite swan neck triflow tap has to be the BRITA Talori Filter Tap. The tap is usually available in polished chrome, but Brita brushed taps are also available.

3-way taps are not the only ones to ooze elegance, you can find single-dispensing taps designed with a swan neck like the Osmio Robin Stainless Steel Water Filter Tap Faucet.

Besides the swan neck model, 3-way taps with an angular neck can also jazz up the kitchen decor. The Osmio Fabia 304 Stainless Steel 3-Way Tap is a perfect example of a modern looking triflow tap that features a stainless steel finish.

Tap Lever: Mixer Taps are Practical

Apart from the classic taps with a cross-shaped lever on each side, there are also taps with mixer handles.

With filtered water taps, there is a separate handle designated for filtered water only. This can sit at the base of the tap as the third handle if you have a tap with a handle dedicated for each type of water, or on one of the sides of the tap opposite to the mixer lever that dispenses unfiltered hot and cold water.

Of the two options, some prefer the one with three separate handles for each type of water, but most people will choose the mixer lever version for its practicality.


Polished chrome taps seem to be the norm in most kitchens. They’re shiny and look quite elegant, but they’re prone to scratch marks and stains (limescale, grease).

Brushed chrome or brass, on the other hand, is a more resilient choice. While they may not look as elegant as polished chrome, they do seem like a more practical choice if you’re looking for a finish that is better at masking scratches or stains.

Another option that is known for its resilience is stainless steel. It has a better resistance to corrosion, it’s durable and easy to clean.

Is a Filter Tap Always Necessary?

As a general rule, filter taps — whether 3-way or single-dispensing — are the most common when it comes to single point of use filtration. Obviously, if your entire water supply is filtered before distribution throughout your home, a separate tap will not be necessary.

Another way to avoid using a filter tap is to install an inline filter, which filters all the water that passes through the cold water line.  In all other cases, you have to add a filter tap.

You may decide to go with a classic filter tap that only dispenses filtered water. These too can be a good choice especially if you have a kitchen tap that you don’t really want to part with, and if you don’t mind having two taps on your kitchen sink.

Some water filter systems come with a classic filter tap included for free.

How to Take Care of Your Brita Filter Tap?

As with most taps, you should avoid cleaning them with chlorine-based products or highly corrosive and abrasive products. To avoid scratching marks on the surfaces of taps, use a soft cotton cloth to wash them.

Limescale deposits on taps can be removed with de-scaler liquid, but make sure these products are specially designed for chrome or brass surfaces. Alternatively, you can use ingredients already available in your home like vinegar or lemon juice.

Alternatives to Brita Triflow Faucets

Besides Brita, Franke’s Filterflow taps are another reliable and durable filter faucet you can buy.

Franke is a Swiss manufacturer of stainless steel kitchen sinks, but they also have a line of kitchen taps that are designed to work with any undersink water filter system.

You can also choose to buy 3-way kitchen taps from less famous brands, but make sure to only buy them from reputable vendors that offer at least a 2-year warranty. Non-branded taps are usually less expensive. They’re also compatible with most standard undersink filter systems.


Whether you choose a simple filter faucet or a complex triflow filter from famous tap brands, make sure you pick a quality product that doesn’t interfere with the quality of your filtered water.

Before you order your taps online or purchase them from a local vendor, always ask about compatibility. Sometimes compatibility issues can be solved with a simple tap adapter, allowing you to use your filter system with your preferred tap.

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