Ceramic filters are no novelty in the water filtration industry, they have a long-standing history of being used as a filter media thanks to their effectiveness in removing bacteria, turbidity, viruses, protozoa, cysts, and other contaminants. The invention of the modern ceramic filter is linked to the name of Henry Doulton, who created the ceramic filter candle in 1827. Today, Doulton is a household name in water filtration, being the leading manufacturer of ceramic filters.

How to clean your ceramic water filter candles

To better understand how ceramic filters work, we’re going to look into the advantages and shortcomings of ceramic filters.

Advantages of ceramic filters

  • Natural filter media – just like activated carbon, ceramic is a natural filter media that doesn’t add anything to water while it filters it, and doesn’t remove healthy minerals.
  • Efficient against bacteria, cysts and some viruses – the small pore size and versatile pore structure of the ceramic is responsible for its success at removing particles and pathogens from water.
  • Cleanable – while they do have to be replaced in full after a certain period, ceramic filter candles are cleanable. This prolongs their service life and reduces replacement costs.
  • Affordable – ceramic filters are one of the most affordable type of filter media on the market.
  • Compatible with both pressure filters and gravity filters – ceramic filter cartridges can be used both in under-sink water filters or gravity water filters. These filters are used also as pre or post filters in reverse osmosis or UV water filters.

Disadvantages of ceramic filters

  • Does not remove chemical contaminants – chlorine and other chemicals are not removed by ceramic filters, however, most ceramic filters will contain activated carbon block inserts to remove organic compounds and chlorine. Some ceramic filters also contain ion exchange resin to remove heavy metals. Other filter candles can be treated with silver to prevent bacterial grow-through.
  • Not drop-proof – dropping a ceramic candle while replacing it or otherwise can lead to surface cracks an inner cracks that would undermine the efficiency of the filter, thus, it’s important to handle them with care.

Doulton is the leading manufacturer of ceramic filter cartridges with an impressive palette of filters for every type of need. The Ultracarb, Supercarb, Sterasyl, Supersterasyl, and ATC Super Sterasyl are some of the most recognisable ceramic filters in the industry, and also some of the most performant, offering sub-micron level filtration. Whether you own a pressure filter or a gravity filter, Doulton cartridges will perform well in both.