One technique to purify water is activated carbon filtering. The water is passed through an activated carbon bed, which removes contaminants and impurities contained in water. Carbon water filtration efficiently removes chlorine, benzene, pesticides, and all volatile organic contaminants. As water is passed through, the carbon adsorbs contaminants and unwanted chemicals; carbon binds all the impurities with itself and let clean water stream through the filter.

Home activated carbon treatment systems are simple to install and manage. Water that must be treated, passes through the cartridge packed with AC, on its way to the faucet. Either powdered block carbon or granular activated carbon (GAC) is used for filters that are installed in homes. The unfiltered water is let out through an additional outlet so that the water supply is not paralyzed. The two chief factors that determine the amount and rate of pollutant removal are:

1. The amount of activated carbon enclosed by the filter: The more the carbon a filter has, the better it works. More carbon means more capacity of chemical removal i.e. more adsorption.  

2. Size of the activated carbon particles: The smaller the particle size, the better your filter works. Small size particles have higher adsorption rates.

Taking care of the above two factors when buying a filter, will ensure clean, safe, and healthy drinking water with less frequent need to change the filter cartridge. This will also lower the cost.

To make certain that the AC filtration system works effectively, there are a number of things to be kept in mind:

  1. Increase the AC filters life; use a pre-filter
  2. Replace all the filters regularly; pre-filter and the AC filter
  3. Reduce the rate of flow of water through the filter. This results in a greater time the activated carbon is exposed to the water. Hence, a greater amount ofcontaminants is removed from the water
  4. Filter should be cleaned regularly as when organic contaminants saturate the filter, because there is a possibility of bacterial growth

To eliminate naturally occurring organics and residual disinfectants, activated carbon is a verified technology to accomplish this subject. It is significant to take into account the disparity in the water to be treated and nature of activated carbon used with its limitation in use when designing an activated carbon system. It undeniably establishes itself as a great option to filter water at public or private levels.

Activated carbon water filtration systems: