Bottled water is a multibillion dollar industry that is estimated to grow despite its harmful effects on the environment and the wallets of consumers. Even though the bottled water industry has successfully promoted it as a safer and tastier alternative to tap water, bottled water is by no means a safe option when it comes to its effects on the environment. Still, bottled water continues to be the preferred option of many consumers worldwide.

young woman drinking bottled water near a lake

The success of the “world’s favourite soft drink”, as it’s often referred to, is correlated with some dire environmental concerns brought about by plastic pollution. Recycling rates are unfortunately lagging behind the volume of plastic waste production, and plastic pollution is endangering aquatic wildlife at an alarming rate. Here are the most important reasons why you should stop drinking bottled water:

Plastic is not sustainable

No matter what you’re led to believe, plastic bottles are not recycled or biodegradable in any meaningful way. Bottles that you use for a few minutes may stick around for hundreds of years, and toxins from the degrading plastic can leach into the soil and water. Moreover, plastic bottle manufacturing uses up a lot of resources like fossil fuels and water, not to mention the carbon footprint caused by the distribution and shipping process of bottled water.

Bottled water is not healthier nor safer than tap

The jury is out on the bottled water vs tap water debate. The result? Tap water and bottled water are considered comparable in their quality and safety levels, with some studies arguing that tap water may be even safer in developed countries with stringent water testing regulations. Unfortunately, this is not the case in under-developed or developing countries, where the risk of contracting a water-borne disease is higher, and thus, drinking bottled water makes more sense. However, even in these circumstances, water filtration units like gravity water filters may be a more economical and safer alternative.

It’s so much more expensive

Another reason why you should stop drinking bottled water is its price. Certain water brands can have some hefty price tags, while in truth they are only glorified tap water. As a result, you could be paying a hundred times more for something that you could just as easily get from the tap.

There are better alternatives

One of the best alternatives to bottled water is filtered tap water, which you can get by installing a water filter in your kitchen or for your entire house. These units will then remove any possible harmful contaminants from your tap water, making it safer and tastier.

Change is simpler than you think

Making the switch from bottled to tap is easier than you think. Environmentally friendly and reusable water vessels make it possible to take filtered tap water with you wherever you go and stop relying on plastic bottles. By ditching bottled in favour of tap you can also save money, and even if you decide to install a water filter system in your home, you’ll recuperate the investment and maintenance costs in a short time.