Making a change in your life does not always come easy, especially when the thing you want to change is a daily habit you are so used to for a long time. Drinking bottled or unfiltered water straight from the tap might seem natural for so many, while switching to filtered water can seem like a difficult challenge. 

Getting a water filter installed in your home will have some significant impacts not only on the quality of the water you consume, but on the quality of your life as well.  

And of course, there are numerous reasons why you should consider making this change. 

Lucky for you, in the following article we are going to discuss the five main advantages of drinking filtered water. In case you are hesitating just read on and let’s get a clear picture on the main benefits of investing in a professional water filter system!

Enjoy the health advantages

There is a long list of impurities unfiltered water might contain, so from a quality and safety standpoint too, it is essential to make sure that the water you use day by day is healthy and safe to consume. 

Today’s well-developed filtration systems can efficiently remove bacteria, chloramine, chlorine, cysts, pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, viruses, fluoride, arsenic and an endless list of other critical contaminants from water. With the right water filter you can even treat hard water, ensuring immediate access to great quality water for your whole household. 

Any contamination issue you might be facing, the best decision is to choose a professional water filter system that will definitely keep you on the safe side. Once you get the right water filter installed, you will be able to drink, cook, shower and bathe without being concerned of the harmful contaminants damaging your and your family’s health. 

Eco-friendly aspect against plastic pollution

Since plastic pollution has a very serious impact on our environment, ditching bottled water in favour of filtered tap water will definitely help you to do something truly meaningful against producing plastic waste. The production of bottled water results in the increasing carbon footprint which is becoming more and more alarming. 

Unfortunately, even in 2020, only a very small proportion of plastic bottles are recycled worldwide. The rest ends up in the oceans, in landfills and in natural water sources endangering wildlife and our health as well. 

This means that once you buy a plastic bottle, even if it is not your intention to do any harm to your environment, you are generating plastic waste and increasing the plastic pollution. 

However, the environmental impact of consuming filtered water is significantly lower. The only waste produced are the filter cartridges that you will have to replace in every 6 to 12 months, depending on the water filter system you have. The good news is that many of these cartridges are recyclable and they can be returned to the manufacturer company.  

Positive changes of taste and odour

One of the most common ways you can detect contamination in your drinking water is noticing an unusual taste and odour. Usually these are the most obvious signs telling you that you might need to invest in a professional water treatment system. 

Why? Some contaminants such as chlorine, sediments and other organic chemicals tend to have an impact on the taste and odour of water. 

Once you find the right water filter system and all the contamination are finally removed from the water, you can expect to see some positive changes. 

The taste of your tap water will be no longer influenced by the impurities, so you will be able to enjoy the healthy taste and odour of the freshly filtered water coming straight from your kitchen tap. 

Save money by choosing an affordable alternative

Looking at the prices of professional water filter systems available on the market, purchasing one might seem more like a serious investment. Well, one thing is sure: buying a water filter is definitely an investment.

Undoubtedly, drinking filtered water is more expensive than drinking unfiltered water straight from the tap, but we already know what are the health related disadvantages of doing that. 

Comparing the cost of getting a water filter installed and the cost of consuming bottled water, believe it or not, but in the long run, drinking filtered water is more affordable than drinking bottled water. 

The shelves of supermarkets are stocked with a wide range of different bottled water, but some are in fact filtered tap water in a nice packaging with a not so nice price tag on them. 

Switching to filtered water instead of drinking bottled water does not just mean less plastic pollution, but it also means that you can save some money by making this change. 

Good for your skin

When it comes to water, we usually think of inner hydration, but our skin and hair also appreciates the touch of high-quality water. When you bathe in unfiltered water you actually expose yourself to a broad range of potentially harmful chemicals that can damage the well-being of your hair and skin.

Having a professional water filter installed in our home can make wonders and miracles for those who like to pay a little bit more attention to their skin and hair. 

Thanks to the efficient chlorine reduction, professional shower filters are a great way to protect your skin from a broad range of health issues. Eczema flare-ups, skin irritations, skin dryness are common problems the high level of chlorine can cause, so eliminating it from the water you use for bathing or showering has only positive effects on your health. 

Similarly, using hard water has been linked to the unpleasant result of hair dry and brittle. Luckily, some shower filters contain active ceramic spheres that were specifically designed to produce soft, non-scaling water. 


As you could see having a high-quality professional water filter system does not just give you immediate access to freshly filtered pure drinking water. It can help you protect your health from diseases caused by impurities in water, it can improve the taste and odour of the water you use day by day and it can give you a much better experience when it comes to hair and skin treatment and protection.

Compared to drinking bottled water, getting a water filter installed in your home is not just an affordable alternative, but you will actually be able to save some money in the long run. Speaking of bottled water, switching to filtered water means that you can also lower your carbon footprint and reduce plastic pollution caused by the enormous production of plastic bottles. 

Looking at the whole picture, these reasons mentioned above are absolutely worth considering. The only thing you should do is find the best suitable option for your household and enjoy the endless benefits of pure filtered water!