When we think about the benefits of filtered water, we usually think about the benefits we draw by drinking it or using it to prepare food, and rarely consider its benefits for our hair or skin, although showering and bathing with filtered water also comes with several advantages. Just like our bodies, our skin and hair are not immune to the harmful effects of chorine, fluoride or other contaminants. Installing a shower filter in your bathroom may seem like going overboard with precaution, but the fact of the matter is that your skin and hair can benefit a great deal from the pampering effect of a shower filter.

a beautiful girl standing at the shower

Which are the most important benefits of shower filters, and what kind of shower filter should you opt for?

  1. Chlorine reduction shower filters are very good at reducing chlorine levels in water. Just like you don’t like to drink chlorinated tap water, you can avoid bathing in it too. Eliminating chlorine from the water that you use for bathing has been linked with reduced asthma attacks, fewer eczema flare-ups and fewer skin irritation and dryness problems propagated by the harmful effects of chlorine.
  2. Hard water softening – some shower filters contain active ceramic spheres that produce soft, non-scaling water, which will no longer leave your hair dry and brittle.
  3. Customisability – shower filters come in several shapes and sizes – inline, handheld, with or without spray settings, etc. This means that you have plenty of options to find a filter that fits your existing shower (e.g. inline filters) or that takes things up one level (e.g. handheld shower filter with massage function).
  4. Durability – even though you may use them daily, shower filters are generally durable, lasting as much as regular water filter cartridges (3-6 months or even 6-12 months). Some shower filters have to be replaced in full, other types have integrated filter cartridges that have to be changed periodically.
  5. Improved well-being – Given that you no longer have to bathe in unfiltered water and you’re no longer exposing yourself to potentially harmful chemicals that can break down the natural oils on your skin and hair, or even cause more serious damage to your skin, your general well-being will improve.

Which shower filter should you choose?

If you like your current shower head or you have an electrical shower, we recommend buying an inline shower filter. Alternatively, you can opt for handheld showers that you can simply attach to your shower hose and even take them with you if you’re travelling. Some handheld models also have massage functions or several spray settings for a more luxurious shower experience.