3-way kitchen taps or tri-flow kitchen taps are a novel approach to water filter taps, allowing users to draw unfiltered and filtered water from a single tap system. Before 3-way taps, standard single-dispensing water filter taps were the norm. These would be installed in addition to your regular tap and would serve for dispensing filtered water only. Installing a standard filter tap entails drilling another hole in your kitchen sink. 3-way kitchen taps replace your existing kitchen tap and combine the functions of two different taps – a regular tap and a standard filter tap. Their unmatched functionality and efficiency makes them rank high in the preferences of water filter customers.

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What to look for when buying a 3-way kitchen tap?

3-way kitchen taps come in different models and with different functionalities, but they inherently serve the same purpose of providing you with filtered and unfiltered tap water from the same tap system. Tri-flow taps come with two handles (one for mixed water and one for filtered water) or three handles (a handle for each type of water), and are available in a variety of designs and finish to match the décor of your kitchen.

Apart from their design, there are other things to consider when buying a 3-way tap:

  • Ease of installation:

Easy installation is important especially that 3-way kitchen taps are viewed as a better and more modern alternative to single-dispensing filter taps. DIY installation filter taps or filter taps that come with free installation should be on the top of your list when searching for a 3-way kitchen tap.

  • Integrated filter cartridge or compatibility with any under-sink filter:

Some tri-flow taps come with a filter cartridge that is responsible for filtering your tap water. Brita filter taps are an illustrative example for this type of water filter model. Brita taps are generally only compatible with the P1000 filter cartridges they are dispatched with. Other 3-way taps are compatible with any under-sink system you want to use it with. If you want to have the option to upgrade to a different type of under-sink system, then choose a water filter tap that is compatible with any type of under-sink filter.

  • Reviews:

Reading 3-way kitchen tap reviews can also be helpful in deciding which type of tap to choose. Reviews can give you an insight into how satisfied customers are with their purchase, which are the pros and cons of each filter tap model or brand, and which are the models that you should perhaps avoid. Product reviews can help you make more informed decisions about the kind of tap you will buy for your kitchen.

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