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For those who are not sold on the whole idea of bottled water being the healthiest liquid to quench your thirst with, filtering tap water is an effortless and inexpensive alternative to drinking bottled water.

If you’re worried that filtered water may not be as convenient of a choice as bottled water is, we introduce you to 3 water filter must-haves that will change your mind about filtered water and help you significantly cut down on your bottled water consumption.

Whether you’re a long-time filtered water enthusiast or a newcomer to water filtration, here are 3 things every filtered water lover should have:

Water Filter System With Quick-Change Water Filter Cartridges

Apart from their installation, changing filters are probably the most difficult part of having a water filter, that is unless you have a water filter system with quick-change technology filter cartridges.

Quick-change water filter cartridges are designed to simplify the maintenance of water filter system, so that it can be carried out by anyone without the need for a plumber. The mechanism of these filters is easy — simply twist off the filter at the end of its service life, then twist on the new filter, and you’re done!

QCFT filter cartridges prevent contact with used filter material, allowing a clean and hassle-free filter replacement.

Popular brands of water filters that use quick-change filters include the PurePro CT3000 countertop water filter and the PurePro RS3000 under-sink water filter, both of which are 3-stage filtration units.

The PurePro CT and RS 3-stage filter systems are suitable for point-of-use filtration. The quick-change filter cartridges in these systems are suitable for tackling sediments, chlorine, VOCs, taste and odour issues, and undesirable chemicals and substances that may alter the taste and odour of tap water.

To replace the filters in both these units, we recommend purchasing the PurePro 6-month replacement pack, which contains all three filter cartridges necessary for the filter replacement that needs to be carried out every 6 months.

The replacement pack contains a 5-micron sediment filter, a granular activated carbon filter, and a second granular activated carbon filter.

The sediment filter removes dirt, rust, and sand particles down to 5 microns, while the two granular activated carbon filters remove up to 99% of chlorine and organic chemicals, thus improving the taste and odour of tap water. The filters are rated for 5700 litres or 6 months.


Water Filter Bottle (or Gravity Water Filter as an Alternative For Hikers)

A plumbed-in water filter system is perfect for your drinking water and cooking needs at home, but what about for when you’re out and about? Luckily, there are portable water filters designed for water filter enthusiasts on the go.

Who says water filters are bulky systems that take up a lot of space? Reusable water filter bottles are here to prove you wrong: These water filter bottles feature a built-in filtration system, which usually fits in the cup of the filter bottle, allowing you to draw tap water anywhere you are — at the gym, at the office, or in the park — and continue to enjoy the benefits of filtered water wherever you go.

Water filter bottles like the Öko or the Lifesaver bottle can be used to filter water even in the great outdoors. The Lifesaver bottle filters down to 0.015 microns, which means that it removes a wide spectrum of contaminants including viruses, cysts, waterborne pathogens, pesticides, heavy metals, bad tastes and odours, etc.

But what if you need higher volumes of filtered water when hiking? There’s a solution for that too — gravity water filters. These portable filters produce larger volumes of filtered water,  supplying an entire day’s worth of filtered water.

Gravity water filters use ceramic water filter candles to filter water sourced from rivers, springs, lakes, or rainwater with the help of gravity. As water passes through the filter candles, viruses, pathogens, cysts, heavy metals, fluoride, herbicides, and pesticides are removed, and water is delivered in a chamber fitted with a tap, which allows you to draw ready-to-drink filtered water.

Depending on the unit, the storage capacity of the gravity water filter varies from smaller units with a storage capacity of 1,6 litres like the ProPur Scout With ProOne G2.0 5″ Slimline or units sporting a storage capacity of 15 litres, designed for groups of 4 or more people like the Propur™ King SS Gravity Filter System.

Gravity water filters are lightweight, easy to clean, and filter candles are washable and reusable. And when you’re not using your gravity water filter in the great outdoors, you can use it at home as a countertop water filter.

3-Way Kitchen Tap

If you’re installing an under-sink water filter, a 3-way kitchen tap is a water filter must-have that offers better functionality compared to a regular filter tap. Regular filter taps are installed on your kitchen sink next to your existing kitchen tap, which involves drilling an extra hole on your kitchen sink.

3-way taps like the Brita filter taps replace your existing kitchen tap without the hassle of drilling another hole on your kitchen sink.

Once installed, a 3-way kitchen tap will deliver regular unfiltered hot and cold water, and filtered cold water, through separate waterways built into a single tap system.

Franke Filterflow kitchen taps are some of the best triflow kitchen taps on the market, and not only because of their excellent design and smart functionality, but also because these taps are compatible with any under-sink filter system, not only the proprietary Franke Filterflow Water Filter System.

Triflow taps like those manufactured by Brita or Franke are fitted with a separate lever that is used to dispense only filtered water. This lever is usually marked in some way to indicate that it’s the lever for filtered water. For example, Brita 3-way taps have the Brita logo engraved on the lever that dispenses filtered water.

If you’re ready to switch from bottled water to tap water, please also read our article on How to Switch From Bottled Water to Tap Water.

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