Best Filters for Filtered Water On The Go

It’s easy to resist the temptation of bottled water when you have a water filter installed in your home, but what about when you’re out and about? Filter water bottles or water filter bottles are an easy fix for those who want to ditch the cap for the tap.

These portable water filters are designed to help you avoid buying plastic water bottles when you’re away from home. Whether you’re hiking or just travelling abroad, with these tiny filters in a bottle, you can say goodbye to bottled water and get filtered tap water even on the go.

For those who think bottled water is a no-go or those who want easy access to potable water even in the wilderness, filter bottles are an absolute must-have.

How Does a Water Filter Bottle Work?

Water bottles with built-in filters have a small cartridge that usually contains a blend of filter media that can trap contaminants within its porous structure, thus transforming your water source into ready-to-drink water.

Depending on the brand, the cartridge can be placed within the lid of the water bottle, or it can be built into the neck of the bottle. Water is usually filtered as you drink it, and not when you fill up the bottle with water, but systems that purify the water as you fill the bottle also exist.

The filter cartridges in a filter water bottle are replaceable and the bottle itself is reusable, and usually BPA-free. Filter cartridges are usually replaced every 2 months, with some filter cartridges lasting even longer.

As for their size, water filter bottles come in a variety of sizes from 500 ml to 750 ml or even 1 litre capacity. Their portability and ease of use make them an excellent choice for anyone who wants to drink filtered water even when away from home.

Whether you’re at the gym, at work or you’re travelling, simply fill your filter bottle with water and you’re ready to go.

As we will discuss later on in this article, not all water bottles with filter have the same contaminant removal capacity. Some filter water bottles are designed for use only with tap water, while others can tackle the contaminant removal even from previously untreated water sources. Therefore, you should always choose a filter bottle taking into account its intended use.


Why Use a Water Filter Bottle?

If you already have a water filter system installed in your home, you might wonder what’s the point of having a water filter bottle as well, when you could just as easily fill up a reusable bottle with filtered water from your tap, and take it with you to work or to the gym?

If the capacity of your reusable bottle meets your daily water consumption needs, you should absolutely do that! However, if you’re travelling or you’re away from home for an extended period, you might run out of filtered water, and you’ll still have to rely on store-bought bottled water.

This is where filter bottles come in. You can fill these bottles with tap water wherever you go, and stay hydrated with filtered water throughout the day.

Bottles with built-in filter systems have the same advantages of portability and convenience offered by disposable plastic bottles. By using filter bottles you significantly reduce the amount of plastic waste that you create.

Not only that you can reduce your carbon footprint, but you can also reduce costs associated with your daily drinking water consumption needs.


What Contaminants Do Water Bottle Filter Systems Remove?

At a minimum, water bottles with integrated filter systems remove common tap water contaminants like chlorine, VOCs, taste and odour issues and chemical disinfectant by-products.

Some water filter bottles designed for off-grid use will also remove viruses, pathogenic bacteria, cysts, fungi, pesticides, lead, copper, etc. These filters usually offer a sub-micron level filtration, allowing you to use them with water sourced directly from a lake or river.

Filters designed for use with municipal water should never be used with microbiologically unsafe water.


Which Water Filter Bottles to Try?

There are many water bottles with filters available on the market, but before you get one for yourself, make sure you think about the following points:

  • Do you need a filter bottle to filter tap water or other water sources as well?
  • What are your filtered water consumption needs? (So you can size the bottle accordingly).

If you don’t have a home filtration system yet, and your circumstances don’t allow you to install one (e.g. you live in a rental and you’re not allowed to tamper with the plumbing system), we recommend looking into other portable water filters like gravity water filters.

Gravity filters are stand-alone filters that don’t require any plumbing or incoming water pressure and have the advantage of portability. You can use them both with tap water and other water sources.

As for water bottles with filters, we recommend checking out the following bottles:


Brita Water Bottles with Filter

Brita water bottles are available in a variety of sizes (500 ml to 1000 ml) and colours. Their Fill&Go filter bottle brand is probably their most recognizable model with the Brita Fill&Go filter discs are built into the cap of the bottle.

Brita has also rolled out a Sport water bottle filter with an easy-sip drink spout and soft-squeeze plastic designed for those with an active lifestyle.

Both the Fill&Go models and the Sport models are available in a variety of colours and remove common tap water contaminants like chlorine, fine particulates, and improve the taste and odour of water. Filter discs should be replaced every 2 months.

Brita water bottles are designed to filter tap water, and they should not be used with microbiologically unsafe water sources.


OKO Filtration Water Bottle

Available in sizes from 650 ml to 1000 ml, these filtration water bottles are a product of a NASA grant for space stations. Beyond common tap water contaminants, the OKO bottle is also suitable for filtering out certain types of bacteria like cryptosporidium, giardia lambia, and e-coli.

The filter system within this water bottle uses a positively charged electro-adsorption process, which attracts and retains contaminants smaller than the pore size of the filter material. The filter media also contains built-in silver ions that kill bacteria and inhibit bacterial growth.

The Oko bottle should not be used with microbiologically contaminated water or water from unknown sources. Just like the Brita water filter bottles, the Oko bottle is suitable for filtration of municipal water sources, with the extra advantage of also removing certain harmful bacteria.


Lifesaver Bottle

The Lifesaver bottle is a one-up from the filter water bottles we’ve previously covered. This bottle can be used to filter water sourced from rivers, streams, ponds and other natural sources. The bottle is designed for backpacking, trekking, camping and emergency prepping.

The filtration technology used by this bottle removes cysts, viruses, pathogenic bacteria, parasites, fungi, chlorine, pesticides, heavy metals, endocrine disrupting compounds, and many other contaminants.

To use the filter bottle simply fill it with water, pump, and enjoy freshly filtered water. Lifesaver comes in two configurations the 4000UF, which can filter up to 4000 litres of water, and the 6000UF, which can filter up to 6000 litres. As the filter reaches the end of its filtration capacity inducing water flow becomes more difficult and more pumping is required. When this happens, you should replace the filter.

The Lifesaver contains an activated carbon filter and a pre-filter disc, both of which are replaceable separately.

Besides their popular water filter bottle, there are other portable water filtration solutions made by Lifesaver. For example, the Lifesaver Jerrycan, which is designed for families and smaller groups. The filter can hold 18.5 litres at any one time and has a filtration capacity of up to 20,000 litres. Another great product, capable of filtering up to 5,000 litres and holding up to 5 litres at any one time, is the Lifesaver Cube.

Any of these systems are great for those who need a portable water filtration solution that can deliver high volumes of filtered water to meet the daily clean water consumption needs of families and even larger groups.

Whether you’re setting yourself up for off-grid living or you’re embarking on a group expedition or overland travel, there are ways to stay hydrated with filtered water even on the go.



Water bottles with built-in filter systems are the simplest choice when it comes to eliminating the need for disposable plastic water bottles. With so many water filtration options available, switching from bottled water to tap has never been easier. Their ease of use, durability and portability makes water filter bottles a great ally for those who want to have access to filtered water anytime and anywhere.

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