Getting a water filter installed in your home is not only about simply purchasing a water treatment system. To make sure that  your chosen filter will be able to do the best job when it comes to removing harmful contaminants from water, it is highly recommended to get your water tested and do your research in advance.

It is also essential to find the one purification system that is perfectly suitable for your specific needs and this includes finding a filter that you can install without a hustle, especially these days.

During this period, when the sudden outbreak of a global pandemic changed all of our lives, getting a water filter installed might seem a more complicated task than ever before. 

Luckily, there are a lot of products available on the market today that you can actually choose from. 

The good news is that there are also a broad range of gravity water filters that are not only high-quality products, but due to their easy-to-install feature, these filters are an extremely popular purchase in the current situation.

In the following article we are going to discuss why installing a gravity water filter is the best choice during the pandemic. Continue reading to find out the top benefits of these filters!

How does Gravity Water Filters Work?

Gravity-fed water filters use the force of gravity to filter water coming from natural sources such as lakes, rivers, ponds, streams and others. 

The filter has a double chamber construction which includes two chambers placed on the top of the other. The upper chamber houses the filter cartridges and this is the place where the unfiltered water is poured in for filtration. After the filtration process, the water ends in the lower chamber, from where you can easily access the freshly purified water through the spigot installed on the side of the chamber. 

Why Should I Buy a Gravity Water Filter?

Alongside the very obvious necessity of having access to safe-to-drink, clean water, there are some other very good reasons why you should consider buying a gravity-fed water filter, especially now, during the coronavirus outbreak. 

So in case you are looking for a professional filtration system, here are the top 3 advantages of gravity water systems you should take into consideration when making your purchase:


  • High-quality powerful filters


Clean drinking water whenever and wherever you need it, even outdoors? Absolutely! Being able to filter a high volume of water, these filters are a popular choice among emergency and disaster relief organizations. 

Gravity water filters are best known for their high capacity of removing a long list of contaminants from water. Thanks to the advanced filtration capabilities, these filters are able to efficiently remove bacteria, cysts, pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, even viruses from water. 

Whether the purpose of use is cooking or drinking, gravity-fed filters are a reliable and great choice for those who choose to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of big cities or crowded towns. These filters are not only functional, but they perform extremely well even in secluded areas without access to municipal water. 


  • Zero Installation Filters


One of the best features of gravity water filter systems is that they require no installation at all. Yes, you heard it well: they are zero installation filters. This means that you don’t have to figure out how to get your water filter installed during these challenging times of the coronavirus pandemic, when almost everything is closed. 

There’s no need to worry about finding a professional plumber and arranging his visit in your home, while practicing social distancing. Getting your water filter installed by a plumber can be truly complicated if your city is under lockdown and it is almost impossible to get from one place to another. 

Luckily, gravity water filters are so easy to install that you can do it by yourself without any further worries or issues. No, you won’t need plumbing skills and you won’t need any special tools to get your filter functional. These filters are built on the simple plug and play design, so you really don’t have to struggle with the installation work.

Nowadays manufacturer companies provide well detailed guidelines with easy-to-understand, simple explanations on how to install your own water treatment system. So all the information you will need to do the job you will be able to find in the manual provided with each product. 


  • Affordable Alternative


Generally, there are many aspects you should consider when investing in a professional water filter system, but in the current situation some of them might have a higher relevance. 

Coronavirus did not just put lives on hold and emptied the streets all around the world, but it also put many in unfortunate financial situations. Regardless of the virus, it is always important to consider the price and value of the products you decide to purchase, but now the cost might even have a bigger impact on your final decision. 

Gravity water filters are affordable water treatment system options. Why?

  • Thanks to the wide variety of products available on the market, you will be able to find the one filter that perfectly fits your budget, yet it will still provide the best performance you expect from a water filter produced by a reliable manufacturer.
  • The different elements of gravity-fed water filters are designed to last up to 18 months. This means that you can save some money on maintenance, which is a huge advantage when it comes to evaluating the overall cost of the investment!
  • As I have mentioned before, gravity water filters are zero installation filters, so you won’t have to pay expensive fees to a professional plumber in order to get your filter system ready to function. 

Final Thoughts On Gravity Water Filters

To sum up, due to their affordability, zero installation features and powerful filtering capacity, gravity water filters are a great option to consider if you’re ready to purchase a water treatment system. 

That being said, let us bring to your attention the wide range of professional gravity water filters you can find in our webshop. In case you need assistance or advice, here at our helpful team of water filter experts are ready to answer your questions regarding any product or installation method!